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​This preschool classroom focuses on pure academics, concern for others and developing the whole child while nurturing each students' potential.  A day in the Outstanding Owls classroom is designed for these children to build upon the successes and mastery of specific skills and concepts. As students interact there is an emphasis placed on social skills (caring for one another in Christ) and interpersonal development of individual responsibility as they are equipped for the academic challenges presented in kindergarten. Our students learn:

  • Recognition of important Names

  • ID Locations: left right, up, down, etc.

  • Trace then Independent Writing

  • ID of all alphabet sounds with letters

  • ID short vowel sounds

  • Tie shorts

  • ID opposites/same

  • Number Simple counting 1 - 50

  • Number concepts 1 - 20

  • ID: Penny, Dime & Nickel

  • Bible Topics:

  • Creation

  • Noah

  • Boy Samuel

  • Daniel

  • Boyhood Of Jesus

  • Independent Prayer

Outstanding Owls 3-4

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