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The Earlier! The Better!

Young ones from 6 weeks - 2 years of age are enrolled in the Safari Babies infant/toddler program. The Safari Babies program offers God's littlest people a fair start in life with unlimited possibility for their future. Through exploration and discovery our infants and toddlers master their developmental milestones in a loving environment with seasoned teachers.  


Ready - Set - Go! 

Starting with a Finishing  Strong

Our 2 and early 3 year old program engages our students curiosity and instills a love for learning in our children. Our nurturing environment involves a flexible daily schedule full of hand-on opportunities that prepare students to succeed academically and socially in Kindergarten.The curriculum in Busy Bee's class engages children with a strong emphasis on sharing, language, reading, phonics, math, and learning by doing while working together with concern for all others.


Prepared for School!

Children enrolled in our preschool and advanced preschool programs are ages 3 - 5 years old.  Preschoolers begin our structured and research driven curriculum that ultimately has our them academically advanced and being able to out-perform others in their age groups. Our students normally graduate with skills at the first and second grade levels. Our God sent mission as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity by allowing them to learn how to read, problem solve, write independently and to know God's principals. Our young superstar students are able to academically and socially compete against the so called best.

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