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Kids in Preschool

Achieving Academic Excellence

Learning Is Everything We Do!


We Learn …

   10% of what we READ

   20% of what we HEAR

   30% of what we SEE

   50% of what we both SEE and HEAR

   70% of what we DISCUSS with others

   80% of what we EXPERIENCE personally

   95% of what we TEACH to other

                                                                        …William Glasser

The Christian Academy was specifically designed by Dr. Crockett-Smith to teach preschoolers how to read, count and know Christ before entering kindergarten.  For over a decade, The Christian Academy Academic Learning Center has offered an elite early education programs full of loving care, thematic explorations and exceptional teachers that is second to none!


Our loving and highly trained teachers guide our little ones in successfully obtaining their age appropriate skills, academic goals and developmental milestones from infancy to kindergarten and beyond. 

Weekly The Christian Academy Academic Learning Center offers thematic lessons that engage our students know God's principles, christian manners, reading/literacy, mathematics, world cultures, sign language, physical activities, world cultures, and technology.


Each preschool classroom is designed via academic levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 (versus solely by a child's age) in order to teach our students specific academic skills needed entering kindergarten. As your young one masters the classroom levels skills, they are promoted to the next highest level. Ultimately they are successfully reading, adding, subtracting by level 3 (in the name of Jesus!). at the end of each day parents are given a written report that explains how their Child’s academic day went, and homework (twice a week), so that they practice specific classroom skills and develop good study habits.

Busy Bees


  • Language Development

  • Listening Skills

  • Color pictures

  • Trace words

  • ID Shapes

  • ID Animals

  • Recite & ID alphabet

  • Now how to zip, button & cut

  • Transportation

  • Countries & Community helpers

  • Safety & Manners

  • Number

  • Simple counting 1-25

  • Number concepts 1-10

  • Bible:

  • The Lord's Alphabet

  • Jesus Loves the Little Children

  • Prayer


Outstanding Owls


  • Language Development     

  • Recognition of important names

  • ID Location left, right, up, down, etc.

  • Trace then Write alphabets

  • ID all alphabet sounds with letters

  • Say short vowels

  • Intro to reading beginning phonic words and site words reading

  • Godly Manners

  • Following directions

  • Tie Shoes

  • Opposite/Same

  • Numbers Simple counting 1-50

  • Number concepts 1-15

  • ID Penny, Dime & Nickle

  • Bible:

  • Creation

  • Noah

  • Boy Samuel

  • Daniel

  • Boyhood of Jesus

  • Independent Prayer



Levels Three & Four

  • Language Development

  • Writing sentences

  • Reading beginning & advanced phonic words/site word reading

  • Independent reading

  • Spelling Words

  • Identifying Long and Short Vowels

  • Writing First and Last Name Independently

  • Telling Time

  • Godly Manners

  • Following Multiple Step Directions

  • Taking Care of Personal Needs

  • Days of the week, months, year  

  • Months of the year

  • Seasons

  • Numbers

  • Simple Counting 1-100

  • Simple Addition & Subtraction

  • ID Value: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Dollar

  • Bible Stories

  • Memory of Verses, Hymns and Songs


Brilliant Butterflies

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